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Anyone know anything regarding Virgin TiVo box dropping all sound/audio? Was working perfectly whilst watching a catch-up show turned it off then 1hr later started up but no sound....I've tried everything recommended but to no avail. However if I go to internet source via router (you tube) its OK!!
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I've had this before a couple of times - on each occasion just switched the Tivo box off (at the mains) then back on again and worked OK on rebooting.

If this doesn't work for you I'd also unplug and plug in the HDMI cable - but I guess you've tried that.

Next thing I'd do is unplug the Tivo for say 10 mins to ensure the connection is lost.
thanks van1973 I've tried all those fixes but still no sound. I've contacted customer services and they've reset the box remotely but to no avail. they're sending a technician out on Saturday so guess its a box issue. its my first year with them and plagued with problems of one sort or another. They do respond when contacted but their service is increasingly expensive and when my contract expires I'm not sure whether to drop them and go back to freeview and use smart TV features.
I assumed you must have done all that. Sorry to be of no help! See if they will give you one of the new V6 boxes. The Tivo box really has become rubbish - was great when I first got it but all the firmware updates have just slowed it down.

I've been with Virgin for years - since they were NTLworld here, renewed last November saying I wanted Broadband only and was offered basic TV and phone for cheaper than the online price for broadband only - also saved me having to buy a Freeview recording box, but may drop the TV and phone at next renewal unless they offer me the same.

Lots of threads on here on how much people pay with Virgin - worth reading when near to renewal to know what is possible.

Worth trying the box again perhaps tonight just incase the fault disappears by itself!
thanks...very useful comments and will definitely haggle hard when its due for renewal as all I really need is broadband as the TV is capable of doing pretty well all I need and has a feature to record onto a stick but never used it yet!
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