Petition to sack the developers or at least force them to work through the night to get the site fixed.

    as titled



    Hmmmmm.... Your forgetting that they don't really give a damn and your thread will shortly dissapear!

    All so confusing these member picture changes.


    its morning.....12 hours too late

    The massive avatars are getting on my nerves arghhhhhhhhh

    Agree but so many of the old avvys have been ucked up

    Had attempted to quote Adams comment here ........... but that bit must have its gremlins as well.

    Emmoticons still not working


    you sure?
    Dali says different

    what are the new buttons on the left for (e.g. Judged more than 500 votes)?

    why is the top of my screen all squidged up now and the font changed - has anyone else got this?

    What browser are you using fairy?

    Original Poster Banned

    haha just tried this site on IE6....what a joke



    haha just tried this site on IE6....what a joke

    I know. I've reported it a couple of times already. Incompetance is a word that springs to mind!

    It must be the earlier versions of IE which are slowwwwwwwwwww like my AOL browser,the newer versions of IE are ok.

    i keep getting error messages at the top of hotukdeals in firefox

    Been talking about the new site at work this morning and no one likes the changes, difficulty in reading came up (twice) which I have not really noticed....has anyone else?.

    I'm not being funny, I doubt these problems will be fixed over night. In fact I reckon we will still be here in a fortnights time saying the same things...

    I think one thing it has shown and that is that as an elaborated forum, this website really is not set up to handle such an influx of posts. Whatever reasons as to why the management decided to released an unfinished site change is beyond me, however what I find astonishing, is that after the first few minutes, and when they realised that this would be a problem, how there was really no planning made to allow those with problems to not only log their concerns but for the rest of us to track what was happening.

    You only have to look at the posts in this area and in Misc to see what a mess all this is. Oh and apparently I posted this 3 hrs 27 minutes ago lol

    I usually use Firefox, which works OK with KUKD. I've just tried IE6 too and it looked not too bad but the scrolling was giving me a headache within seconds. Not nice at all.

    They don't even have the decency to put a post up and let us know whats happening(or if they have i can't find one),Has it been hacked has some 6 year old got in and changed everything or what,Its a disgrace.
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