Petition:Disallow mobile networks from not including 0870 calls from inclusive mins

    Ive created a petition on the pm's website can people sign it if you agree to:

    Mobile phone networks are not including 0870, 0845 etc numbers in there free minutes that we all pay for, force them to change back. Mobile networks are all charging over 20p per min for these numbers due to there terms and conditions changing this month. You will find out on your next bill, so don't delay.


    Please email this text your mates and family as I'm sure every person that has a mobile network agrees. In the mean time please use: and search for them none geographic numbers that are included in your mins starting 01,02,03.

    If we get as many signitures as possible then we might get the bill to stop them from doing this!, Its not hard to sign!

    Please please please tell your friends.

    We already have 47 votes from people, so lets keep em coming.


    You could at least change 'there' to 'their'

    Original Poster

    120 votes now!


    Whats the point? There is no way the government will interfere with mobile tariff details such as this!

    Good luck though!!!!

    Cant hurt to vote

    signed petition

    Original Poster

    137 votes now.
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