Petrol Chainsaw

    Anyone know a good deal for a petrol chainsaw? I missed the Argos one. After something of reasonable quality, not too heavy for garden use. I got a price from profesionals for cutting back as neighbours complaining obstructing their light - concluded i would do it myself as they wanted over a £1000 for "trimming" the border. There are a lot out there but i have no experience to know which are good value brands/manufacters - see a lot of silverline, ryobi, mcculloch around the hundred pounds mark, and one on ebay by Marksman who i have never heard of, but which while heavy looks good value for under a ton. Any suggestions welcome please.


    You do know that nobody actually has the right to light? (Ask your local planning department). It is a different story if the tree overhangs the border, then your neighbour is allowed to trim it. Exceptions are sometimes made for very tall conifers. Worth checking out though.

    I use a Husky (Husqvarna) chainsaw witha 16" bar. If you've never used one before I'd suggest you don't get anything longer. Stihl is another good brand. Wouldn't touch any of the other makes.

    IMHO whatever you spend on the chainsaw you should think about spending about the same amount on the safety equipment. The minimum you need are chainsaw trousers/chaps, anti-vib and chainsaw resistant gloves, head and facial protection and ear defenders. I also have chainsaw resistant jacket and boots.

    I know a lot of people don't bother with the safety equipment but when you slip or the chainsaw kicks you are very vulnerable and chainsaws rip through flesh and bone just as easily as branches and logs.

    Sorry, don't want to put you off as I think they are great tools, but they really can be very dangerous. Oh, by the way, try to get a chainsaw with a chain catcher on it - invaluable. :thumbsup:
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