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Hi just moved house and have to purchase a petrol lawn mower - does anybody have any advice/wisdom to share as first mower ever bought? or any great deals would be appreciated....
Thank you


Hi Joanne,
I started off with a 3.5hp power devil push petrol lawnmower. It was hard work but a lot easier than my electric. This cost about £70 from my local cash and carry.
I went over some concrete and smashed the engine beyond repair.
I went to my local tip and found a 6hp Honda push petrol mower. Cost me a tenner. A new spark plug and it worked fine but it was still hard work having to push it. I sold it on ebay for £60.
I then found a 6.5hp (powerful) mulcher lawnmower on ebay but after 'checking' the seller out and speaking to them I got it for about £200 in a 'private' deal. It's a Yardman with a Kawasaki engine. Imported from the US by the seller This is a babe, easy start, side shoot, big basket at the back and mulcher. I can cut my lawn in 1 hour as opposed to 3 hours with my first petrol one.
On Monday I went over my water meter and bent the blade in half, I didn't know the blade was bent so when I restarted it I cut some rather large grooves in the lawn and the engine hardly noticed, my O/H did. £27 for a new blade.

My recommendation is the Yardman mulcher.

This is an ebay picture but it look like this:-


My O/H finds it a bit too powerful.

I'm back :oops:

If you know ebay and feel comfortable buying on ebay you should be able to find some good deals in a few weeks. It's winter(ish) I've just been looking, you can get a new decent one a lot cheaper now than I could when I first started looking about 5 months ago.

I should have said this in my first post, I do tend to waffle :giggle:

A mulcher cuts the grass into small fine bits and leaves it in the lawn. It's meant to be good for it. Personally I've never liked it, I like a 'clean' looking lawn with stripes.

A self propelled lawn mower has a belt that drives either the front or rear wheels. This is normally controlled by a lever. You don't have to use it.

The bigger the engine the easier it will cut through long grass and the quicker the job.

The bigger the box/bag the less times you have to empty it.

The bigger the blade the easier and quicker it will cut. Mine is a 21 inch blade but they start at 14 inch I think.

That's it :roll: :roll:
I may be back :giggle:

Sorry, I just can't stay away. I think I'm talking to myself :giggle: :giggle:

Anyway, use this to narrow down your search, once you have the model that's suitable we can look for the cheapest one:-

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :roll:


blimey you wore me out with that thread


blimey you wore me out with that thread

Sorry :oops: :oops: :giggle:

Original Poster

Wow!!!! Are u a lawn mower sales guy???
Thanks for all the info .......:thumbsup:


Wow!!!! Are u a lawn mower sales guy???Thanks for all the info … Wow!!!! Are u a lawn mower sales guy???Thanks for all the info .......:thumbsup:

It took me ages of searching to find the best one, in my opinion. I thought I'd save you a long job. :thumbsup:

would advise getting a self propelled one. Is nearly a pleasure to cut the grass. I have a mountfield one and it virtually pulls me up the slight hill I have at the front garden. I got it from B&Q, was a display model at around this time of year and they were selling them off. Worth a go.
Also, has a steel body, which I reckon is better (less likely to break)

as a professional groundsman with a local authority may i reccomend etesia mowers we give them a right good hammering and they keep on going strong they are not cheap to buy but when you think one will last you a life time then it equals the price out hope this helps dont know what area you in but a dealer for them is tooby and williams st clears wales probably if you phoned them they could tell you your local dealer
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