Petrol Mower ?

Found 25th Mar 2012
Looking for a cheap decent petrol mower going around if anyone has any tips on any on the go. Was browsing tesco direct and they have a few but just not sure what to go for, trying to keep the price low ???
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grrr bloody caps lock
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yeah was looking at that thanks but just wasnt sure as not the best on petrol mowers as never had and it had mixed reviews
think mine is similar to that one, although mine is years old, never been touched, just dragged out every year, petrol chucked in, oil chucked in and we go, think it was about £90 about 7 yr ago, could do with the blade sharpening now though lol
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discounts expired on homebase grrr
I just bought a petrol one the other week and found it a minefield to pick one.

What i did manage to figure out was that most of the brands in the main DIY shops (Homebase, B&Q etc) had different manufacturers (McCulloch, Macallister,Qualcast,Sovereign etc) but on closer inspection they were all the same apart from a name change and maybe slight modifications.

For example.

I bought the Qualcast 46SP which is the same as a Macallister SP46(just slight different wheels and an added thottle) and almost the same as the McCulloch m46-500CD(different wheels and a hard box instead of fabric & the briggs&stratton 500 series motor instead of the 450 series in the 46SP) or the McCollouch m46-450(manual push not self propelled)

As i seemed to be getting nowwhere on which model to buy i ended up getting a refurbished qualcast from a company on ebay for £150 instead of the £300 homebase where selling it for and it came with 6 months warranty.

Only problem was it didnt come with an instruction manual and i could not find a manual anywhere online(not even listed as a product on qualcast website) and the only reference i found was that someone needed spares and had contacted qualcast to be told it was nothing to do with them as it was actually an Homebase product who had paid Qualcast to have Qualcast written on it.

So in the end i used the McCulloch manual with no problems.

Only thing i would suggest is go for a self propelled version rather than the standard push version as it makes cutting so much easier.

Hope this makes sense.
If you can afford it buy a Honda. You'll pay more initially but you'll be buying a quality piece of kit that will last you a lifetime and in the long run save you a fortune. Ive had mine 8 yrs and apart from 2 new blades haven't spent a penny on mine.
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