Petrol on debit card

Found 20th Apr
Just been reading the discussion about paying for petrol at the pump on a debit card even though you've got no money in or overdraft it is all true if you have at least £1 in your account you can get up to £99 worth of petrol as long as you pay at the pump the reason being is the petrol pump can not contact your bank instantly like a like a shop or anywhere else to see if you have funds available you only reason that this won't work is if your bank has put an overdraft control on your account that I deal with this all the time I used to work for a living dealing with finance and credit to all these people who are laughing and doubting the original guy he was trying to tell you how it works laugh at yourself because he isn't talking **** it's all true facts
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That must be one of the longest unpunctuated sentences I've ever seen, can't be bothered to read it.
Yawn.... not this old chestnut again!

Why post in comps?
Well done sleeping beauty, have you just woken up ?
So you buy £99 of petrol with no money or overdraft then get hit with a massive bank charge at the end of it? Is it any wonder this works? It's the banks who will be laughing at you imho.
Difficult to read sorry. The machines surely pre authorise the £1 but shortly later you get charged the full £99. You still have to pay it. If you still have no funds in you account by the time it's processed you will be in the red and very likely get bank charges.

So it's gonna cost more than £99
That must be one of the longest unpunctuated sentences I've ever seen, can't be bothered to read it.
You should edit and use punctuation and paragraphs.

It would make everything a lot more readable. Even just some punctuation.

It is really difficult to read as it is and you won't get many replies.
I've heard of scrotes doing this with pre-paid debit cards, think its those sort that you can buy like a gift card I may be wrong (its been known). I guess filling stations just pass the charge on to us.
Plan ahead to get free fuel is fraud isn't it? Got to be. Cameras up filming those filling up so I hope they get tracked down. Maybe not worth chasing but they should. Terrible behaviour
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