Petrol Price compare Site

    As now it seems like the £1 a litre has long gone and old enough to remember when the price was displayed in good old gallons and not litres here is a site i think might help ......

    When you register it will monitor prices near you postcode and send the prices to your inbox. I have found prices locally can vary substantially

    I hope you find it usefull if like me i am sick of paying all that duty to Mr Brown and chums!!

    P.s If you are driving to France currently Fuel is about 11p a litre cheaper have a look at the Auchan supermarket website it displays there current petrol station prices!


    Thanks for this, have signed up.

    Its driving me nuts at the moment that I live in between two Tesco filling stations, one is charging 101.9 for unleaded and the other 105.9, they are about 6 miles away from each other! Didn't realise there was so much variation.

    Been with these guys for a while. Recommended. Particularly good if you can change your route to work to pass the cheapest petrol when needed. Spam free as well.
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