Petrol Pump Receipt Reprint - Claiming business mileage

Posted 18th Apr 2014
First of all I have no idea where this might go, so Mods please feel free to move.

Came home late last night and filled my car at a Tesco petrol station and waited for the receipt to print to claim for business milage .... only it didn't and the kiosk was closed !! Arggh!
What to do ??? Spoke to Customer Service instore but they could only say "Come back tomorrow " which I did ... and then they told me something I had never heard of before:

If this happens again, insert the same credit/debit card into any other pump .... don't enter your PIN (repeat don't enter your PIN) but the pump remembers your card for that day and offers you an option to reprint your receipt from the other pump !

Maybe everyone else knows this, but it's completely new to me and I suspect many others.
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