Petrol shortages coming up for Scotland and Northern England

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Found 19th Apr 2008
Oh dear, doesn't sound good if this comes to fruition
Link to follow in next post on BBC News


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oh well at least it keeps them where they belong:giggle::giggle:

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And that's where exactly young lady?



And that's where exactly young lady?

scotland and northen england, although i must say i thought it sID SCOTLAND AND NORTHEN IRELAND :oops:


oh and again, sorry about caps, another beer anyone -lol

Wow, that could put alot of people out of business...
time to start the crazy panic buying hehe .:)

sassie i hope you aren't hating us Scots

as the years go on predictions are £5 for fuel which one average now is £1.08p for unleaded now that is extortianate.

Let the panic buying commence!

Can't have little Johnny having to WALK to school now can we!:whistling:

Zis vill be interesting.

you know what i reckon , i believe like most things the goverment are up to is that this is just another ploy to make you think ( if there is going to be a shortage)that people would rather pay the already overpriced fuel than go with another shortage,in other words the goverment are doing this so we wont mind the next price hike. hope ive got my point across im abit sozzled at the mo lol:p

Unfortunately this will probably make people panic buy which will just ensure there is a shortage.....

i cnt afford to fill my tank let alone panic buy.

Il just walk or bike.

Panic buying will ensue - prices will go up due to demand, and when it's all over they will not return to their current price. Government conspiracy!!!

Im out of a job !!!! hahaha only kidding

A petrol station in the next town took advantage of the panic buying and was charging £1.30 a litre for unleaded and £1.60 for diesel :w00t:
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