anybody know of good websites to check if you think theres something wrong with your pet

    my m8 keeps ringing the vet cos shes worried all the time about her kitten and the vet is getting really ****** off!!


    use the yellow pages to find a new vet

    Google? There are loads of forums for cats and dogs and fish and tortoises and everything...

    I blame the kitten - evil little sods...

    There are plenty of sites, but not sure of how reputable they can be, some can be more worrying than others and need to be taken lightly. A vet should be happy to help and not miserable about it! change the vet says I.

    id ring samaritans tbh

    "OMFG! VET! My kitten has a nose!!!"

    "ARRGGHHH! It was eyes too!"


    "FFS! It just ******* meowed at me!"

    there cant be that much wrong with it if hes only ringing!!


    there cant be that much wrong with it if hes only ringing!!


    Original Poster

    lol, to be honest I'd say she has harrased the poor vet! she rings him if he sneezes!!!

    the cats got a mouth ulcer at the moment tho so is in pain, keeps clawing at his mouth which isnt nice

    cat has a mouth ulcer?

    Cats are very good at looking after themselves, you shouldnt worry too much and shouldnt ring vets all the time.

    The internet is a good place to start, just google what the problem is. Otherwise, advise friend not to worry about the cat. .

    If she's ringing and receiving free advice and time from the vet, that would be why he's peeved. Tell her to google any problems her kitten has first, then take the cat to the vet and pay for a consult if she's really that worried, the vet will soon be her best friend if she's paying.


    sorry should say [url][/url]
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