Found 8th Dec 2007
I'm wishing to buy a tropical fish tank at my local Pets at home - does anyone know if fish tanks would be reduced much after Xmas?

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What kind of tank are you after?


Maybe..............i hear they are a close second to the Nintendo Wii on must have presents for the kids this Xmas. :giggle:

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I've looked at a 90 litre tank costing £169 (inc stand), or the bigger 120 litre (I think) tank costing £200 - I can't remember the brand name!

If I was you I'd go to one of the smaller private owned fish shops you see dotted around.

Absolutley nothing against pets at home infact I'm always there, but in a private shop you should be able to haggle to get all the equipment you need and some starter fish which will prob be cheaper then paying retail at a pets at home.

Good luck with your tank

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ta pawsntails - I'll check out the local shops!
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