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Found 29th Apr 2011
My Partner purchased a used 107 (08 Plate) from a Peugeot Garage in September 2009, it had 9000+ Miles on the clock and in the book it says it has a waranty till 29th May 2011.

Yesterday the car became almost impossible to drive, the clutch simply wont let you change gear without a great fight to get it into gear.

i have googled the issue, and apperently its quite a common issue, some with 50/50 luck of getting it replaced under warranty.

it has done 26,000 miles now, and because of saving for our wedding she didnt actually get it serviced last year.

will peugeot dismiss this completely since it didnt get a service? Toyota & Citreon who use the same clutch/bodywork have admitted to the issue, but i cant find a official statement from peugeot to say the part was faulty and should of been replaced.

anyone else had a issue with this car.?
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They are usually quite sticky about the servicing - if you dont keep it up to date they can use that as a reason not to honour the warranty as you havent done your part in keeping it in best condition good luck !
Sorry mate, quite often you void the warranty by not getting it serviced. My grand dad has a 107 which had the same issue. I think his was about 18 months old and he did get it fixed under warranty. Even if it is a known issue, they may not have issued a statement saying the part needs replacing. They may instead just replace when they go wrong
Well it should have been serviced at 10k and 20k. So from what you have put you haven't had it serviced since you had it. So it's not been serviced at all since new?

All you can do is take it in and push them to do it under warranty. If they wont play ball try to negotiate some discount.
well the garage serviced it at 9000 when we purchased it it has the stamp in the book, so she has done around 15-16 k on it since, just checked with my AA since i had £500 repair bills, but that looks like its out the windows as it says needs to be serviced in guidelines with the manufacturers terms and conditions.. i have had a look on ebay and a clutch seems to cost £65-100 anyone know roughly how many hours labour is involved in replacing it at a local garage? from estimates online peugeot seems to charge around £400 outside of warranty.
Well I would first try you luck with Peugeot as you have nothing to loose and can always argue 26k is not acceptable and the service doesn't involve maintenance on the clutch anyway. If you local wont play ball phone head office and try and strike a deal.

If all fails get some quotes from independent specialists (you could get it serviced at the same time). My local independent citroen/peugeot has always been great over the last 15 years and while not near you will give you a quote to give you a good indication of what the cost should be. (Woodlinkin Citroen 01773 712 212)
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