Peugeot 206 radiator leak - anyone help or advise?

Found 20th Jul 2009
We have a radiator with a small leak - any advice on changing the radiator ourselves? Car is peugeot 206 XS, 2000 (W reg), 1600 engine. Is it fairly straightforward? Can't find a relevant Haunes manual. Thanks for reading this.
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hi,fitting the rad is staight foward ,top and bottom hose.The important part is bleeding the system of air locks,i seem to remember there may be 2 bleed points to open up but not sure where they are located,sorry i cant be of more help.
if its only a small leak cant you use that stuff you put in the water its called " radweld"
I had a leaky radiator in my Peugeot 205, tried using Radweld but didn't work. I was losing about a litre a week. I just kept topping it up every week until it's MOT expired then I scrapped it. Radiators can be expensive to replace have you looked to see how much it is?
Try a scrap yard.
Good thing is....taking one off there is good practice for taking yours off. ;-)
you will get all the car manuals that you need from your local libary if they dont have what you require they will order it foryou.
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