Peugeot 208 seat replacement

Found 4th May 2017
probs the wrong place to ask but hukd normally is great for anything

my Peugeot 208 seat has stopped staying in place, (3 door) driver side so been using it like it for months now, the Peugeot dealer wants 800£ to ''fix the seat'' which i'm unwilling to do, can see on ebay can pickup the chair for 100-150£, have people that can do it for me but wanted to know if its something thats doable? just taking the old one out and putting it in, the car has not got electrical in it (seatt)
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4 bolts out it comes then replace with new chair and put bolts back in. might find they star shaped bolts.
swapping out chairs is in theory only a few bolts. However, it can be a pain to get the seat in and out, atleast the 3 door has big front doors!

Bear in mind, you might have weight based ABS (it has a sensor that knows your in the seat) so make sure to plug that back in before you restart the car and keep the power off while you do it, otherwise it might throw up a red light on dash. Like wise if the seat has built in airbags, watch for the sensors.
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Easy enough in theory. Disconnect battery as stated by groenleader as there will be plugs for airbags underneath and also if the seatbelt is bolted to the seat you need to be careful removing it.
Easy job, just follow the advise above.

Some breakers yards will do it for you for cheap.
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