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Posted 10th Feb 2009
In a morning when i climb into my 307cc i get three beeps usually this is followed by an indication on the dashboard as to whats wrong but the last couple of days no message. Anyone know what this could possibly be. Its not Pertrol, or handbrake on but its baffling me as to why they are going off. Thanks
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Due a service? Maybe one of the bulbs have gone?
Loads on Google regarding this.

Ranging from Frost warning to Oil pressure switch not reading fast enough.
If the temp is below 4 degrees mine beeps three times.
Thanks must be the weather one as have only noticed it happening in the last few weeks, and the service isn't due for another 1600 miles so must be the temp will check all the other options

If it is very cold where you are then this can interfere with the computer as mine got it's knickers in a right twist when it was -6 here. It sorts itself out tho when it warms up a bit.
It is low temp warning. Usually below 3 degrees.
I'm not 100%, but the same occured to me, does the red light STOP come on, if so you need to top up your coolant.
I am having the same problem. 3 beeps and no light indicator, but it doesn't happen every time. some times when i first start the car, sometimes whilst underway. Sometimes it doesn't bother at all.
Reluctant to take it in as i bet i am charged an arm an a leg when it is not consistent.
What do you think?
My 206CC used to make some kind of beep if the flappy thing you pull across the boot for when the roof goes down wasn't across. Not sure if it's related, as I can't remember exactly what happened as I haven't had the car for years, or even if the 307CC even has the same thing.
thanks but everything worked ok it just made the awful sound its gone now i traded in for a larger car but thanx all for your responses x
two years later and you reply?
any online mechanics tell me what's wrong with my pug? The engine light came on yesterday, but for a few weeks the car hasn't been pulling. Its a turbo diesel, and the turbo does cut in when it should at 2500 revs, but if I'm going up a hill it won't even get up tothe turbo cut it. Worst offender is 3rd gear, it will do about 30mph and slowly die if going up a hill (changing down to 2nd doesn't help as it revs to much for 2nd but won't pull in 3rd)

hopefully getting a new car in a month anyway, but will need to sort it out to sell it etc
Hi there i have a peugeot307tdi year 2002.
When i get it my car and start to get underway i start to dive and i get a beeping sound and 1 time i got a stop sign on the dashboard what is wrong
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