Peugeot 307cc clutch/flywheel

    hi all,

    wife has a 2006 307cc sport, manual, 2 litre petrol, 75k on clock.

    had a long travel on clutch for years but just recently feeling strong vibration through clutch pedal, mainly at idle in neutral, changes gear no problem

    guessing clutch has gone but do these have dual mass flywheel or is that just diesels?

    any idea on cost?



    Wouldn't know with that model, but just search eBay for a dual mass fly wheel for your model and see if it comes up with anything

    Original Poster

    it didn't, only appears to be hdi engine, guess it's release bearings

    Wifes been resting her foot on the clutch pedal

    Careful, NEEDS sorting asap, potential for collateral damage WHEN bearing collapses...

    As above, clutch release bearing will be eating its way through the fingers on the clutch pressure plate. It's just a standard clutch job so straight forward. Make sure whoever does it changes the release bearing guide tube too

    As people have said, it has no dual mass flywheel. The engine code is EW10 if you're interested.
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