Peugeot 308 SW 3rd row optional boot seats

    Anyone know any good deals on the optional extra seats for the 3rd row in a 308 SW? Salesman implied would get cheaper online than through the parts department in a Peugeot dealership but when I search I'm getting more hits on a 307 SW - no idea if the seats are the same.

    Long shot but worth asking, ta.


    Hi, I dont know if you have had any luck in finding any 308SW 3rd row seats, I had the same problem!! I found someone on ebay that had sold some back in march, so I emailed him on the off chance that he might know somewhere to get them? He put me in touch with a dearlership in Andover, Hampshire, & I got a brand new pair of 3rd row seats for £200. If you want address/phone number send a post back!

    Hope this helps:)

    Hi there,
    I would be very grateful if you could post me the info as I would love to get a pair of 3rd row seats at a low price. Many thanks.

    Original Poster

    Had given up on anyone being able to help and for some reason just checked the thread again. I am definitely still looking if you can still help, thanks.

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