Peugeot 308 unannounced recall.

    I got a new Peugeot 308 Allure in 2015 and from 3 months old it had a strange tiny noise coming from the underside rear of the car - it sounded like stones hitting a heat shield. It's been driving me mad for ages so I took it back to the dealership. Turns out it's a fault with the rear axle. They ordered some replacement parts and fitted them. Now the noise has gone.

    If anyone else is experiencing the same issue and has been putting up with the noise, I suggest you get in contact with your local dealer. They fixed mine for free


    How do you get unannounced recalls?

    Would that not just be a warranty repair...

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    2minutenoodles15 h, 55 m ago

    Would that not just be a warranty repair...

    Yep you're right. It was covered under warranty. I had to take the technician on a road test as they couldn't find the fault. As soon as the noise happened the technician said he knew what it was and would order the parts. After it was fixed, takes around 4 hours, I asked what exactly was wrong with the axle. I was told it was a design issue and they were fixing them as customers took them back and they had done a lot already. They said it was a recall but i didn't understand how it could be when they hadn't written to me. Nevertheless it's a known issue that will be fixed - I assume this is the case whether your in or out of warranty given its a design issue.

    Ive had an unannounced recall, as in, you only get told about it when the car goes in for a dealer service. Safety related in that the door mechanism might fail at letting you open it from inside if the electrics failed (possible scenario in a collision).

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    It's just sly how they slip them in under the radar. They're quick enough to take your money.
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