Peugeot 406 - Starting issue

Found 3rd May 2011
Hey guys and girls, looking for some advice on a Peugeot 406 1800cc from 1999 its done about 86k.

Been a great car but lately there seems to be a problem starting it. Turn it over and it will try to fire . Turn it over with a bit of throttle and it will start up, but as soon as you let off the gas it starts to sound like a misfire then dies.

Once the car has done about a mile or so its absolutely fine and if you start it up after a short rest its fine, but after a couple of hours it still struggles!

I know a little about mechanics but not a huge deal, I thought perhaps there is a leak in a fuel line, which when it isnt used causes a leak in the fuel line and thus fuel starvation. Dont think its a blocked fuel filter as it would struggle to run normally, or electrical as again it would always show this problem.

Also with my head under the bonnet earlier, it did sound like an air hose or something might be cracked as it did sound like there was too much air being sucked in, but i cant see anything suspect.

Any advice would be greatfully recieved, just trying to get an idea of what it could be so i can plan on fixing or getting someone else to do it!
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Try a Pug forum as you'll probably find many enthusiasts who may be able to help

Here is one for your model:


Could be anything really.

One possability could be the throttle idle control and/or potentiometer. If I remember right this system is what sorts the mixture for the engine when at idle and keeps the car at the correct idle speed. if that is screwing up or sticking it would screw the mixture and as it is disengaged when you press the accelerator it could explain what you are reporting.

Must stress though I'm no expert but this might be worth looking into.

I have a 206 and had a similar problem in the winter when I had the car start fine and then just die if I released the pedal. After it had warmed a bit it was fine. Not sure what caused that as it is fine now though.

Pug forums would be best bet but the throttle idle control is a common issue on 206's regarding engine stalling at idle.
whens the last time you had the engine oil replaced?
Had it done last year when i got the clutch changed......

After posting on that forum - similar to cydonia's advice there is a stepper motor that does as he says that i am going to clean.....

Shall be no doubt reporting back!
Interested to know if it works as it might be the cause of my issues in the winter.
throttle body?
Throttle Idle stepper motor. Not sure how you clean it though. Might look into cleaning mine if this solves the posters issues.
I dont know what engine you have, but on mine look Non Turbo 16v Pictures....

It gets carbon'ed up and so cant function properly.... Going to have a look tomorrow and see whats up...
Possibly the MAP sensor too reading up on my similar issues. If it is the same as the 206 (which it may or may not be) you should be able to locate it using this info.


This if dirty can fail to give the ECU correct readings and so screw the mixture etc. Gonna check mine tonight and see if I can clean it anyway.
well mine was coked up so its had a clean, seems to idle a bit smoother as for the starting issues we shall see when its a lil bit warmer....

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