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Peugeot Gearbox Fault/Problems?

Posted 13th Mar 2011
Has anyone had a problem with theirs?

My gearbox on my 206cc has gone, still drives (just about) but struggles to get uphill and the car is driving like it doesn't know what gear its in (over-revving, can't put into any gears)?

Been told I have to either replace the Gearbox completely (£325 for a reconditioned gearbox, plus fitting charges), or do a Gearbox rebuild?... Anyone know what the best option is and what price I am looking at?

Wondering if I should just sell the car as it is, and let someone else fix it as I wanted to buy something else anyway. Gearbox problems seem to be a common fault with Peugeots (if only I had known before, lol!)
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