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    do tmobile still do 6 month unlimeted internet with their pay and go sims? and if i put one in my iphone will i get the 3g free?


    Not sure it will work how you want it to? The free internet is usually another name for free wap, i know with o2 theres free internet and free data and you have to choose the free data to be able to use the iphone for what you want to use it for connection wise...not sure if its the same case with t mobile?

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    ok thanks will have to look a bit more

    The sim i got with 6months internet which i use im my galaxy s covers 3g and hdspa so should be ok for iphone.I think it's 3gb usage if you get it on an android phone or a high end phone from t-mobile.Not 100% sure abnout the usage but the 6months should be 3g or hdspa
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