if anyone is looking to get rid of PGR4 i'll trade it for Skate, Soulcalibur IV, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter


    For which consolle........I have it for Xbox 360 and would swap for Ghost recon Advanced fighter possibly

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    It's For the Xbox 360

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    What Condition is PGR4 in?

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    Sorry i have someone else interested which i have agreed to bye!!

    you do realise all dealiing has to be done in the thread don't you...and since there was no one else I think you will find that you have broken the rules!!

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    different thread!!


    different thread!!

    still broken rules then as you should have expired one thread before starting another for the same game!
    please read the rules


    8u76, you posted your FS/T Thread correctly prior to this one in Deal Requests. Please read the FS/T Forum Rules & note that all private sale listings must be done in the correct forum in future. Thread locked.

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