PGR4 Demo out!!!


    Is the demo single player or multiplayer?

    Cant see anything mentioned on that site.

    Woo, thanks!

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    The demo will consists of five vehicles (made up of cars and bikes), with a demo-only Arcade mode chapter set in Macau. This will consist of new challenges that have been custom-built for the demo.

    Not content with that, they are throwing in a Nurburgring Snow Time Challenge - so you'll be able to see just how pretty the track (rebuilt for PGR4) looks when it's blanketed in snow. The snowy Time Attack also includes full leaderboard support.

    Not there at all, will probably arrive after release knowing the **** admins on the euro XBL.


    oh nice I ordered the game from playasia (which I can only imagine is being held up with the strike) this will be a nice chance for me to get my whistle wet

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    I'm downloading it now

    I'm doing the background downloading thing, I hope it's good.
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