Phat Ps2 - Won't read Grand Turismo 4

Found 24th May 2008
Heard it's a high data game, used to love it , now its won't read.
Heard it's something to do with the laser.
Anything i can do?
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Unfortuanately I had same issues with Slim PS2. Tried everything, but in the end had to replace disk and all works fine now. I know it's not much use to you, but hope you find a way round it.
Dont think there is anything you can do, I had the same trouble a while ago and had to buy a slim PS2.
At first I thought it was a dodgy disk.
I now play Forza 2 on Xbox360 - Its awesome!!!!!!!
try using a lens cleaner cd. the lens might be dusty or dirty.
Well at least for you its just GT4. For me, since I remember playing a lot of it,the lens now has trouble reading ps1 discs, ps2 discs and some dvds. Try another game and if that works, I sort of doubt it is the laser. If it is and if you know the interior of the ps2, you can adjust the "height" of the lens to make it read better (but will make it read worse on other media), or change the potential difference (voltage) applied to the lens (never tried that as it will only work short term and then kill laser). OR just try a lens cleaner - it never worked with me but hey , who knows.
TBH though I wouldn't do a thing, its too much hassle for small results. Time for an upgrade i guess (i got the slim ps2 :D)
I heard you can adjust the lens in it differcult?
anyone , ive seen this:
Is it worth doing?
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