Posted 31st Aug 2020
I'm new to the TV hunt, and ambilight is a feature that has really caught my eye. That said, I do have a habit for falling for gimmicks.

I feel the ambilight feature will add more to my viewing experience compared to the step from LED+HDR to QLED, and OLED anything is out of my budget.

£500 is about the limit of my budget, and 50" is the perfect size, so I'm looking at buying this Philips model from Richer Sounds. Is there anything I might have missed? I can't find a detailed review on these models anywhere, just a couple of videos showing comparisons with an LG TV, or the Philips sales pitch - which obviously says it's the best thing ever. I'm basically looking for downsides, but equally if it's 'good enough' as an entry/mid level TV then I'm happy.…tml

For reference, I'll mostly be using this for watching netflix/streaming services, Spotify (when I get a soundbar), and couch-co-op gaming; nothing competitive where a higher refresh rate or lower response time will give me an edge.
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