Philips 55PUS6272 Ambilight TV...Thoughts please...Any Good at the £500 mark ?

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Hi guys have a £500 budget, so understand the budget already limits picture quality, so no OLED for me then.

I really love the idea of ambilight technology (and yes I understand most will think its a gimmick)...but I'd be interested in any thoughts about this TV, whether you own it or not.

I'm likely going to jump in, in any case....but whilst i'm dangling off the cliff-edge, any last minute thoughts, prayers or rescue attempts would be mightily appreciated please

PS. What happened to all the World Cup Deals? they get under way once the compo is up and running, or do the few that are available disaapear like Peter Kay's football in the John Smiths advert, once that first ball is kicked...?
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I can't help you directly about the TV.
But I'd suggest looking at AVForums for help.

These two links might help.…11/…65/

I have had a Philips TV with Ambilight in the past and I loved it.
My current TV is a none Philips and I miss the feature.
I have the 49" version and I love it. Apparently the 55" has a better panel now so I would say "go for it"
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