Philips BDM3490UC vs Dell U3415W (34 inch curved monitors)

    I'm looking to get my hands on a 34 inch curved monitor. The cheapest one's I've found which are IPS and 3440x1440 are these 2.

    One is from NRG IT, is Dell and refurbished; £549.00:…tor

    The other is from eucomtech but new (but Philips); £477.43:…wcB

    I really have no clue as to whether I should pay more for the Dell.

    I know Dell has an excellent track record of producing great monitors but the price difference is quite large.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    This is in replacement of my BenQ GW2765 screen.

    Also any suggestions of other cheap 34 inch curved monitors would be appreciated (I use the term 'cheap' loosely).

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