Philips Cool Skin HQ7782 Shaver

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Found 31st Dec 2006
looking for the best deal seems like I have missed the half price deals the best deal I can find is argos at £148 any help would be good and might save me few quid.


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Its still £74.95 at amazon and shown as instock

£105 plus £4.95 delivery from Pixmania.com:-

£103.95 inc delivery from edirectory.co.uk:-

£70.16 inc VAT and delivery from Tribuluk.com:-

Is this a particularly good model? I've always been a "wet shave man" but would like the convelience

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I started to dry shave about 2 years ago with a remington titanium,quick and easy,As long as my face is dry, I get a very good shave.only changed because it is getting old and dosn't hold a charge for very long plus I need to change the foils, cheaper to buy a another hence the philips.


thanks for the replys very helpful.:thumbsup:

I paid £67.04 for this at the beginning of Dec. at currys.co.uk
If you can get near this price you will do well.
Its on their site now £149.99 + del.
They certainly know how to rob you!!!!!
Amazon looks good right now

Rumour had it they were selling off the coolskin stuff as they are discontinuing it.
Not sure how true it is, but i use mine without the gel (i think it just clogs it up). Still get a great shave

dont know if this any good

but the HQ8160 is reduced from 119 to 79 at boots minus points and quidco :-)


Dont know how this model differs tho?


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amazon is £105 right now, seems the best deal I can find at the moment.

not to sure about Tribuluk.com


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dont know if this any goodbut the HQ8160 is reduced from 119 to 79 at … dont know if this any goodbut the HQ8160 is reduced from 119 to 79 at boots minus points and quidco :-)http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details.jsp?productid=1064072&classificationid=1018633Dont know how this model differs tho?Col

Thanks very much,I might go for this deal in the morning.


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happy new year to you all.

I may go for same one :-)

Wish it was triple points tho lol

Happy New Year


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yes me to,Thanks for your help and I hope you have a happy new year.


ordered one with baby milk to make up to £100 to get the extra 1000 points:)

Hope everyone has a happy 2007

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