Philips e9500 Sonicare Elite Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush anyone??

    Argos and Amazon do this for 129.99...

    Anyone find this cheaper?! (Vouchers and quidco would help too!)

    Or any newer models? I cant keep up with it - look like Boots do the e9552 version for 129.99 as well.


    I got the exact same one its the best mate, brand new from ebay get the proffesional edition no difference its just the pack they give to dentists to sell, mine was from ebay 68 quid, do a search there remember get one from someone with plenty of feedback and check their other items as you want to get it from someone who sells them regularly, mine was from a dentist chap who was selling them on ebay bargaiiiiiinnnnn

    The best deals are from sonicare direct, have a look on their website

    Worth checking out this website:-


    They seem to have some good deals.
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