Philips hue HDMI sync help please HDR issue

Posted 16th Mar 2021
Hello so I need some help with my Philips hue sync box. I am using a Samsung 55 inch 4k tv

I thought everything was working great till I noticed HDR isn't working on my PS4 and on my Nvidia shield.

I have the hue sync connected to the arc then my devices connected.

On its own the PS4 goes to HDR when in HDMI 3 BUT when its plugged in via the sync box it says HDR isn't supported with my TV?

No sure if it's a hdmi issue, maybe I need better ones?

The Nvidia does the same, but I recently changed the hdmi port on my sync and on the Nvidia settings it doesn't say HDR+10 but it shows HDR content on netflix now and when I press info on my remote it says HDR on top so I'm wondering if HDR is processing or if it isn't?

So any help would be appreciated thankyou
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