Philips Nivea For Men Coolskin HS8420 Rechargeable Shaver With Battery Indicator

    This is my scenario of the named product above


    I have recently purchased a shaver from model stated above

    and am not very happy with the result and the damage it did to my friends face it i have photographic evidence to prove the state of his face after shaving and as a result have had to stop using the product and am contacting the ceo and md of philips regarding this matter in question

    we used the product correclty and safely as instructed and the result was not very good

    a it does not shave very well
    b it cuts like a knife on the skin
    c leaves a rash and scratched on the skin surface after 24 hours and after the 24 hours still left markings of the severity of the shaver on the neck
    d i shave every day and when i first used this shaver it was not good standard as you will see a person who shaves everyday when using the new shaver for the first time you dont expect the damge to his neck to be so severe

    i know you need to get used to using the shaver but the state of his neck was not nice at all especially as he used it correctly

    and as this was a gift for christmas you can understand i dont want to by a product that is going to cut them to pieces

    this is a formal complaint regarding this item

    please post your comments

    and i suggest you steer clear form this shaver

    item name is

    Philips Nivea For Men Coolskin HS8420

    if you cant use it on thick beard or a daily shaver like my friend then i would severly suggest not buying this product full stop


    Original Poster

    It will be down to individual, ive been using these nivea based shavers for years and found them fantastic, so unless you can prove there is something wrong with the actual heads I doubt you will get anywhere as the instructions to warn you that it can take time to get used to

    i sold one of these on fleabay recently hope it wasnt same one!

    best shaver ive ever used to be honest

    Please post pics so i can choose a suitable witty tag :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    i know it takes time to get used to it but believe me the raging good reviews are nothing short of some lies as the damge to his neck was very nasty and he still has marking

    its not a perfect gift for anyone wheather you shave everyday or you shave everyother day the marks on his neck where not what you expect from a glowing feedback shaver like your all giving it in my opinion its crax
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