Philips SE4345S Quad DECT phone

    My missus is forcing me to upgrade our phone system. After searching for some info, I came to conclusion that the only phone on the market that can cope with my needs is Philips SE4354S. Unfortunately, this phone appears to be either too new or too old as the only place I can find it is Amazon (for 96 quid).

    Is someone aware of better price or can comment on this particular phone?


    Had a look and can't spot it anywhere but amazon.

    ][COLOR=blue]This[/COLOR]may be useful, a store finder from the Philips website, but I'm thinking they just show Philips stockists, rather than stores that happen to have that particular model.

    Sorry I can't be of more help :-(

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    Thanks, Emma. I tried it and it compiled a list of stores: DSG, Comet, Argos, Woolworths and John Lewis. Out of them all, only John Lewis got it but there is wrong model number (instead of SE4354 they state SE4352, which is duo model rather than quad). And it cost 30 quid more than Amazon.

    Jeez, why I can't choose something mainstream? I thought that finding suitable phone would be easy...

    Awfully rare model that, wonder if it was for a specific region only?

    What's so great about that model may I ask?

    The BT Freestyle quadpack for £40 is serving my parents pretty well, wouldn't surprise me if these slowly become more cheaper/more regular as VOIP bundled with ISP services become the norm and PSTN ONLY devices decline, slowly.

    Mainstream and you = never!! I didn't answer your previous deal request about the phones as I had no idea what you were after... :?

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    What's so great about that model may I ask?

    Well... here is my list of requirements:

    1. NTL X-System Caller ID compatible (it uses CLI type 1 - Bellcore SDMF, US standard; BT using CLI type 2 - ETSI Ring, UK/EU standard). This Philips phone seems to support it.
    2. At least 100 entries in phonebook
    3. SIM card reader so that I could easily transfer phonebook from my cell phone.
    4. Ability to exchange phonebook entries between handsets.
    5. At least 4 handsets (Quad)
    6. Backlight
    7. Handset ID (handset number display).

    All requirements apart from 3 are must.

    If someone knows other phone that does all that - I want to know

    As to VoIP, I don't really understand why DECT should be replaced? At the moment I am using same handsets (Philips Kala 300) on both NTL and VoIP, so no PC required.

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    I decided to bite the bullet and ordered it off Amazon... Estimated delivery date: 26 of November... Crickey!
    Will let you know how if this phone any good once I'll get my hands on it.

    P.S. Why Philips MUST make products that ugly? Their low-end phones look much nicier than hi-end ones. Why?


    Have you tried this site: ]http//ww…nes

    I have used them before and they sell ex display stuff, still with full warranty. Just a thought, they have most major brands for sale and the goods are nearly perfect, damaged boxes mainly.

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    Yes, I looked at their website but they don't do SE4354.
    According to Philips support, only these phones are compatible with both NTL and BT:

    1. SE435
    2. CD135
    3. CD235
    4. SE635

    The CD135 and 235 are very simple and lacking some features. The SE635 doesn't come as Quad. So the only model suitable is SE4354.

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    Well... finally, after a couple of months wait, Amazon managed to source some of SE4354. They charged me 95 quid for it but now price is 20 quid more.

    Anyway, here is my experience with it:

    Packaging is very good. Everything comes in its own box and then it is paper wrapped. Not so sure if that's good for environment though.
    Pictures on web doesn't really do any justice to the device. I must admit, when I looked at Philips page I said myself: this is the one ugly kit. The actual device looks way better although not as good as Philips ID9372.
    Featurewise, I am well chuffed. It works great on NTL and VoIP (I mean, Caller ID), once you select Country: UK->Other. It also got settings for BT, which makes operator switch easier in the future
    I put my T-Mobile SIM card into built-in reader and it picked all phone numbers off it, then transferred (on request, of course) it to three other handsets.
    There is no option to transfer entry by entry, just all or nothing. Or maybe I didn't found this one yet
    Talking about menus and features - think of mainstream mobile phones about 3-4 years ago. Graphic display (not colour one - you need SE6354 for that and Philips didn't released it to market yet), backlight, keyboard lock, SMS (need SMS call number for that), clock, alarm, polyphonic ringtones (no, you can't download your own ones), language, Babysit mode (one crazy idea, but might be good for some - if ambient sound level in room goes above threshold (baby is crying, for example), then all phones will ring alerting you and probably scaring poor baby even more.
    There is also one VERY useful feature for those who like to use companies like 1866 or 18185 for cheap calls. You can select Prefix for all calls and then whatever number you dial, phone will automatically reroute your call through low-cost provider. Quite handy, I would say.

    There is a conference mode, where you can select how phone whould behave when you've got a call. Conf call Off means that the first person who reached the phone, can talk and other handsets are blocked. Conf Call On means that anyone in the house can join the call at any time. But even if it is Off, then you can transfer call to any handset available (pity you have to remember handsets by numbers; although you can rename'em, but when you transferring calls, those names won't appear, just numbers).

    For those on BT, you can set phone line features (such as call forwarding, BT voicemail, call back, withold CLID, etc) from you handset by using menu - no need to remember those codes. It doesn't work on NTL though.

    As to the rest of features... well, the answering machine works, I haven't tried Voice Memo facility, speakerphone works... the charger charges
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