Philips WAC700

    Hi there looking for some advise. I bought this wireless music center approx 2 years ago. Within a couple of days it stopped streaming music and was replaced under warrenty. Aprox 6 months later it stopped playing at all, this time it was repaired under warrenty (faulty hard drive). A year later and with very little use it refused to play again, as the system is now out of warrenty philips asked for payment to fix it. The system has sat unused since then (6 months ago). After some research on the net iv read many people have had the same problem, the issue being the hard drive is rubbish and has since been replaced with a "better" version. When i phoned philips they knew this would be the problem straight away. Do i have any case to have it repaired/replaced free of charge or is it just a case of bite the bullet and pay to get it repaired? thanks for any advise either way, cheers

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