Philips x56 Laptop


    I was just wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that still had this good spec and light laptop still in stock - as ever, been uming and areing about it unitll its sold out !

    Can you keep your eyes open for it please?

    cheers guys and gals,

    P.S Happy new year

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    I dont have any deals but can reccomend it, got it recently for £580 (with currys washing machine coupon :roll:) and it has been great.

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    Nice one - thaanks for that - ill try and see if the Coupon still works ! - When its in stock that is ! :thumbsup:

    Have you had any of the Hibernate issues that people on other forums are talking about?

    as above I have no deals for you but I have this laptop and it's excellent, I am really happy with it. Also managed to get it fro £584 with vouchers and was wondering wheater to wait to check if prices dropped still but luckily for me, I could not resist and seems that I got a super deal but even if you dont manage to get it with a code go for it because you cannot match these specs with any other brand for the same money.

    I have been looking at the AV forum and there is a long thread there about this laptop and personally I never had any problems with hibernation, fans, software (or any at all for that matter) in addition it seems that this laptop shares the same battery as the other Philips x series (55 I think) so there should be no more histeria on this matter)

    Going online with the wireless connection has never been easier and the screen quality is excellent. If you want to know anything else just ask

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    Hi Bikebarbie,

    Thanks for your reply– that’s great. I was just wondering if I could be really cheeky and ask you to scan the Philips x56 with the system scanner provided by CRUCIAL memory (posted below), just so I can see if its possible to upgrade the RAM internally and check how many free slots it has. To be honest, I'm a computer novice, but this seems to explain things really simply, and even tells you exactly what memory part – make and model to buy!…VNA

    Thanks ever so much!
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