Philishave Cool Skin HQ7782.. can you beat this price?

    I'm trying to find the best bargain for Philishave Coolskin HQ7782. The cheapest i could find was co-op electrical shop for £75 including delivery ](Click Here). Can i get cheaper anywhere else?

    Also for those who have this much do you normally spend on the nivea lotion/gel cartridges?


    I can't find it any cheaper. I think you have a 'Hot Deal'.

    Have you considered this one?…nal

    But its not a coolskin but I heard they were possibly discontinuing these which would make it harder to buy the cartridges for them.

    Or this…642

    Can be got for £47.50 delivered with codes, I just got one recently :-)


    Original Poster

    Strange.. The coolskin HQ7782 has now disappeared from the co-op electrical shop!

    col: thanks for the suggestions, i don't like the shape of the R720 but will be thinking of getting the HQ8150. still have it. (I think they have something to do with co-op.) I went to 'checkout' and it's available:-
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