Phillips screwdriver - which size?

Found 18th Jan 2011
I need a really small Phillips screwdriver to open some screws inside a phone I am trying to repair, the phone is a Samsung i8910.

Does anyone know where I can buy a set/or one from? Is there a specific size I should be looking for?

Thanks for any help.
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the set my o/h uses is from the £ shop..
There was a watch repair kit advertised on here a week or so ago, about £5, I had a look at the time and it contained a set of small screwdrivers, think it was through amazon. Otherwise try searching for glasses repair kits
Maplins if you one nearby. You will probaly need a T6 torx screwdriver too (depending on how far you are going) Only a couple of quid so get one anyway. Ebay if you can wait.
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greg_68 - is this what you mean?…t15

I can't seem to find a 'T6' on the Maplin website.

I’ll need to buy the screwdriver/kit from a shop either tonight or tomorrow so eBay/Amazon etc are out.
No I think all phones are T6's, T10 will be huge in comparison. I though I had mine from Maplins.

You are right they only seem to sell the T6 in sets. Perhaps halfords would have them (almost certain to)

Maybe even B&Q etc.
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Ebay item 220714408057 fits everything,
...bit necky - but if you need it really quickly for a 'one off' you could pop into a jewellers or opticians and ask if you can have an on the spot 'loan'. The most they can say is no!
Poundland have a set in at the moment, small Phillips, torx (star) and flatheads, plus triwing and security bit. Exactly the same as eBay Item number: 270686723192. They'll be in the tool section.
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