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Philly Cheese Sauce

Posted 27th Oct 2013
Anyone know where I can buy a philly style cheese sauce, the American kind you have on fries with bacon bits? Frankie & Bennies or Eddie Rockets kind? alternatively anyone know good way to make it?
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they sell squeezie american cheese in tesco now, I bought some the other week and it tastes exactly the same as the cheese on the fries in frankie & bennys. I paid about £3 for a bottle tho and its not that big, but its nice
I don't know specifically what you're after but I do know that Primula is a squeezy cheese which sounds like it might be what you're after. Available in Tesco/Waitrose etc.
They do one with ham apparently, sounds like it might be what you're after?!

I have seen this in Waitrose, on the chiller cheese counter. It is in a pouch that has a nozzle that can be resealed. Priced under £2. Made by Philadelphia.
So, I have just typed in the same question as yourself into google and I came across this post.

I went to F&B's a few weeks ago and had the New Yorker Pizza fully loaded with this Philly Sauce and I am now on the hunt for a personal supply.

I have come across this one from Tesco which mossypwl may have been referring too? (Off Squeezy Cheese Mature Cheddar)


and this one from Asda which appears to have an added kick! (ASDA Chosen by You BBQ USA Chilli Cheese Sauce)


How have you got on with your hunt? I will more than likely pick up both products over the weekend and I will let you know how they compare... good luck and hope this helps!
Philly cheese steak.

Cheese whiz.
I know! Still interested?
You probably have all the ingredients except

The Cheese - Tesco Everyday Value Singles 255G, It is 90p for a pack, so that you get the right one.

In a saucepan melt 2 tablespoons of butter, add 2 tablespoons of flour, cook for a minute or so, low heat. Add one cup of semi-skimmed milk (250ml), if you add milk slowly, a bit of a time, you shouldn't get any lumps, when all the milk is added, add 1/4 teaspoon of salt max!

If your mixture went lumpy just put it in a liquidizer, then return to pan.

You only need the heat set to low, add 7 slices of the cheese, I do it individually one at a time till it has melted.

Thats it! I believe you can add American mustard, like you use on hotdogs. never tried it yet, but that might give it slightly different taste, more of a zing to the taste. Oh once you have made it you could split it into two pans and put some chilli powder into one portion maybe 1/6 teaspoon.

The Frankie and Benny sauce has a little spiciness to it, so the chilli may help, you may want to adjust the salt, I wouldn't think so though, it certainly won't be too salty, as I often notice saltiness in shop bought food.
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