Phising email from

Found 7th Apr 2010
Received an email this morning from stating;

Tax Refund Notification

After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity, we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 988.50 GBP. Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 2-3 days in order to process it.

Click Here to submit your tax refund request

Note : A refund can be delayed a variety of reasons, for example submitting invalid records or applying after deadline.

Best Regards

HM Revenue & Customs

Usually I don't fall for phishing scams, but with it coming from such a convincing emai address (using the then I took a second look. I did then google the email address and it's repeatedly highlighted as a phising email which links you to a spoof website, steals your details and voila.

Just thought others should be aware (although I appreciate not everyone will be as gullible as me!)
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it's been highlighted before - its a phishing scam email. There is a link in the earlier thread if you want to report it
Yes I got one yesterday same amount

Yes I got one yesterday same amount

I did too,i'm sure these things are something to do with Paypal because phishing emails always go to my email addy i only use for Paypal hmmm
i have received a few of these recently, funny for me though as im a student and don't earn enough money to pay tax so its complete rubbish



Your response makes no sense. Why do people do this?


Also, you have to be a complete div to fall for emails like this, but people do.

There was some daft skank on that BBC show "Why AM You Stupid" (or whatever it was called) who had got an email from a forign chap offering to buy her car off Autotrader for full asking price without seeing it. He wanted to ship it across Europe and would cover those charges.

All she had to do was send him her bank details and an "admin fee" which she did. Idiot.
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