Phlexiflow Shower waste drainage pump issue, any experts out there please?

Posted 9th Aug 2018
Hi my house had ?Aqua / N&C Phlexiflow shower tray waste drainage pump that stopped working; I had HomeServecover but they apparently don't cover shower issue/drainage pump, they couldn't help me hence had to get another a plumber out to fix it cost £600 and now the "new" N&S Phlexiflow doesn't stop after shower for hours, keeps making the loud sucking motor sound.

I called the plumber back but he said just turn off the main switch (near the boiler room, outside of the shower/bathroom) after shower to manually stop the "system". I don't think it is right, as previously it will stop after may be 1 min after the shower tray is dry.

What are people's thought please? How to move things forward? What consumer rights available?

Furthermore, when I asked the plumber for the invoice/the component part number he can't provide it to me in document, just took a snapshot like the pump below, he tried to reassure me that the company provides 2 years extended warranty. Later he just sent me a default warranty card. He previously promised to fill it in and send it but now he asked me to fill the form myself and send it myself.

3008505-Ng1iH.jpg3008505-Sgglb.jpg. 3008505-BboZX.jpg
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