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    Anyone know how I search for landline phones with 'Voice caller ID'?

    i.e. you record a name to go with a number in the phonebook and when they call the phone plays back the name you recorded. Great for ignoring all those people you don't want to talk to!

    I had the feature on my old Panasonic DECT twin set and they called it 'Audible Caller ID'. Have tried everything on Google but can't find the right search term.

    OR got any recommendations on a good DECT twin set (with answer machine) which also has this feature (whatever it's called!) I'm partial to panasonic having had two rubbish BT phones recently!


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    Obviously not a hot topic!:whistling:

    why not get caller display instead and you can see the number?

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    why not get caller display instead and you can see the number?

    I know it's lazy but when you are sitting down and the phone is on the other side of the room., it's really handy to have it with 'said' rather than having to get up walk over and look. I had it on my old panasonic and the new (and cr*p) BT doesn't have it and it's amazing how much I miss it! Think it should be standard on all phones really, can't be that diffiucult to include if panny did it five years ago on a mid range phone.

    BTW it is linked to caller display.

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    For anyone who is interested I found just the one phone that does it:

    Panasonic KX-TG9120ES DECT

    It's called "Audible Caller ID".

    My phone also does it - no longer available though another PANASONIC KX-TCD220e

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