Phone advice needed: iPhone or Blackberry,,,,,,maybe HTC aswell

    I've had an iPhone in the past (3G payg), but decided to leave it in the back of a taxi on a night out..........soo i need a new phone and its comming down to an iPhone or Blackberry.

    But is the iPhone really worth £35 for 2 years plus £90 for the handset? While the Blackberry's (Curve, Bold, Storm) can be picked up for £10 - £15 a month less with a matching or better contract. Meaning a saving of around £ the iPhone 3GS really worth that extra £300?

    So i'm asking if anyones every had an iPhone and swapped to a Blackberry or vice versa and why? Also the chap on the phone from Vodafone was praising his HTC magic saying its better than both and should be considered in my decision, can anyone give me any feedback on these or HTC phones in general? As theres none available around my town to have a play with.

    Any advice would be spot on.


    I Phone For Sure My Friends Got A Blackberry And Wishes She Never Ad One As They Are Much To Complicated To Use So Its An I Phone From Me Hope This Helps

    I have been using a HTC (not this one) & I am very very happy with it. Better than any I have used in my life before.

    Does this please you?…681

    Depends really if you REALLY made use of the apps and the functionality of the iphone get another one. Or if you didn't really need/make use of the iphones functionality go for the Blackberry or the HTC.

    If your going to get a Blackberry I strongly recommend getting the Curve 8900 or the Bold because there the ones with the good reviews. Stay away from the Blackberry Storm as it is supposed to be rubbish and has bad reviews, because of its touch screen click feature.

    As HTCs go some of the higher end ones are pretty good (i.e. the HTC magic, the HTC Hero).

    Also when you are signing up to a contract do it online, then take advantage of quidco, often the networks give out big sums of cash-back when you take out a contract.

    Hope this helps.
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