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Found 15th Jun

Need some advice on a new phone. There's so much out there I don't know where to begin! Needs the following as essential:

Dual Sim
32GB storage (64GB or above even better)
£250 absolute max budget
4GB RAM minimum (I multitask a lot)
Battery life really important as I am often outside all day and cannot charge on the go

I don't mind a China phone, and am not a brand snob.
Not a gamer, so don't need SD845 ridiculous processor speeds.
Not bothered about camera as I always have a DSLR with me for work.
Ideally, the bigger the screen the better (18:9/notch style is better for me).

Thanks in advance!
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Have you looked at Moto ?
davewave15 m ago

Have you looked at Moto ?

Yes I had the G4, but the G6 only has 3GB RAM, and I'm a little worried about the battery being so small...
Honor 9 at Argos for £250 ticks all your boxes apart from the taller/bigger screens.
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Have a look at the Huawei mate 10 lite.
Vernee X…-x/

£150-£200 from gearbest/Ali express etc...

Amazing phone for the money with a monster 6200Mah battery

Octocore P23 CPU
6Gb Ram
128Gb storage
18:9 FHD Display
Dual Sim
Dual 16+5Mp cameras (cameras are good but not great)

I get 3-4 days HEAVY use out of the battery on mine...
Generally uses about 25% per day....

Don't be put off by the MediaTek CPU, I was a little unsure how well it would perform but the P23 is a great CPU, it's easily as fast as the equivalent midrange qualcom CPU's.

Loads of reviews on the web but this UK youtube one is a fair assemenet

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There is a guru on here called Wayners who offers sterling mobile advice, hopefully he may pop by this post, would recommend following any advice he offers.
Thanks all for the advice so far.

A friend of mine recommended the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.
Anyone on here had one and would recommend it?
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