Phone being obnoxious... Any ideas?

    I have a Nokia 5800 with an o2 contract sim, for the last few days I haven't been receiving any text messages, until I send one, then I get a load in one go. I have had the settings resent twice, tried switching phone off and on again, but it just keeps doing it. it's beginning to drive me insane.

    Any ideas on what the problem could be? I'm presuming it's a problem with the phone, and not o2?


    sell it to an over 50. They don't know how to text anyway.. lol

    tried restting phone?

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    lol Jed.

    Don't really want to go there vengod, it's a pain, but will have to try it if all else fails.

    Am doing some reading now, tried googling before I posted here, couldn't find anything, but must have used bad key words to search as done some more searching and found it's a frequent problem. No real solution though! Argh.


    Tried updating it ?

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    Tried updating it ?

    was about to do that, but found a thread on Nokia support talking about the same problem and everyone said that didn't help, think I'm just gonna send it back, it's about 10 months old and looking a little bruised, could use a nice new shiny one lol


    lol yeh because i had a problem where text messages didnt turn up and when i tilted the phone and tilted it back again it would stay stuck until i rebooted it - but once updated it was ok - saying that i jusy sent it off for £70 phonxchange

    had the same on my n95

    the only proper fix is back everything up and reset all setting (factory reset)
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