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    We are looking for a phone line to be installed in a property, also Broadband and Sky tv. Does anyone know whether it is best to go for all of these with Sky or to maybe have a BT landline, seperate Broadband provider and Sky tv?

    Any idea's on the best deal out there for first time customers?


    If you live in an area that can get Freeview then a lot of people go for the Virgin package of TV , phone and broadband. I live in an area where Freeview is not available and so I have gone with Sky. You can take out the cheapest tv package at £16.50 and get free broadband. You then have to pay £10 line rental with Sky and get free calls evenings and weekends. The total for that is £26.50 per month. I pay £36.50 per month and for that I get a better broadband and free calls 24/7 including calls to many international countries.
    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the info, we definately want Sky for the football and sports, so probably swaying more towards Sky to be honest. Is there broadband service quite fast and reliable?

    go thru quidco for extra cash
    i have sky for everything
    its good

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    I was thinking it may be easier / cheaper to do everything with Sky and they must offer some good deals if you do this.

    get the lot - great deal - if in doubt keep bt for line rental only (unless you download movies/loads of music on-line the basic - free broadband package is fine. I've had no problems at all

    See Speak Surf

    Get Sky TV, Talk & Broadband for £16.50 a month

    This is the link to check it out and try out various permutations till you get what you want…bi1

    I'd advise the +HD offer just now - get a friend to recommend you for the best deal for both of you.

    I prefer Sky, but you get free Setanta with Virgin's XL TV package. Might be worth thinking about if you're wanting it for sports.
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