Found 13th Mar 2008
I signed up to a new O2 contract in October via the Carphone Warehouse. Its a 12 month contract and I didnt get any insurance

One of the main buttons has recently stopped working and its driving me mad!!!!!

Is there any way I can do to get a new phone or any suggestions would be appreciated

thanks in advance


It will still be under manufacturer warrenty.

While laws concerning sale of goods date back 100 years, the only phrase you need to memorise is 'The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)'.

The 'as amended' is important because it refers to laws which have extended the basic 1979 Act and using the phrase tells the trader that not only do you know basic consumer law, you know it has been amended too.

The Sale of Goods Act lays down several conditions that all goods sold by a trader must meet.

The goods must be:

* as described
* of satisfactory quality
* fit for purpose

As described refers to any advert or verbal description made by the trader.

Satisfactory quality covers minor and cosmetic defects as well as substantial problems. It also means that products must last a reasonable time. But it doesn't give you any rights if a fault was obvious or pointed out to you at point of sale.

Fit for purpose covers not only the obvious purpose of an item but any purpose you queried and were given assurances about by the trader.

If you buy something which doesn't meet these conditions, you have the potential right to return it, get a full refund, and if it will cost you more to buy similar goods elsewhere, compensation (to cover the extra cost) too.

Note, however, that the right to reject goods and get a full refund only lasts for a relatively short time after which a buyer is deemed to have 'accepted' goods. This doesn't mean that the buyer has not legal redress against the seller, just that he/she isn't entitled to a full refund.

Instead a buyer is first and foremost entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced.

If these remedies are inappropriate, then you're entitled to a suitable price reduction, or to return the goods and get a refund (reduced to take account of any wear and tear).

The act covers second-hand items and sales. But if you buy privately, your only entitlement to your money back is if the goods aren't 'as described'.

If goods which are expected to last six months don't, it'll be presumed that the goods didn't conform to the contract at the time they were bought, unless the seller can prove to the contrary.

In all other situations, it's for the consumer to prove their own case (that is, that the problem existed at the time of the contract). This will prove more difficult the longer you've had the goods. Subject to this, a consumer has six years from the time they buy something in which to make a claim.



It will still be under manufacturer warrenty.

Yup, what he said!^^

Contact O2 and they'll arrange for it to be repaired.. you'll just need to drop it off at a local O2 store


Yup, what he said!^^Contact O2 and they'll arrange for it to be … Yup, what he said!^^Contact O2 and they'll arrange for it to be repaired.. you'll just need to drop it off at a local O2 store

He took the contract out through CPW, so o2 probably won't help you, but may advise you to go back to CPW. Go to CPW site and search for the nearest Service Centre.

Nokias have a 24 month guarantee only on the phones.

roryk83 make sure you take your original proof of purchase when you go back to the CPW. :thumbsup:

CPW Service centres will try to repair any phones even if they were not bought from the CPW.
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