phone cashback NOT VIA REDEMPTION?

    is there anywhere that gives you free line rental that is not only availible via redemption, eg, actually half price for however many months, then back to normal, rather that redemption - it drives me crazy, the phone im looking at is the SE w880i, looks really fab!!!


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    do i take that as a no then?????????


    do i take that as a no then?????????

    All of three's deals don't involve cashback (I think). The £15 a month deal certainly doesn't i know, and the deal that is £35 a month then half price (£17.50) for up to 18 months doesn't involve cashback :?

    Free line rental but not cashback? You might want to PM Ducky...

    Better off getting the Nokia N75 mate - much better phone

    on three they credited my account with x amount, then took the monthly payment out each month, so account is always showing x amount of pounds in credit. :thumbsup:

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    thanks for that!!!!
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