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    Just got my new phone but had to change my number so I need to put them all in my new phone, but it will take me ages and I can't be bothered. Is there a way I can get them on the new phone easily?

    I was hoping a sync or memory card would work.

    Rep for any help.



    if your o2 you can use blue book

    I've had the same problem in the past

    The only way that I found around it was to copy items to the simcard and then put the simcard in the new phone and paste to the new phone's memory

    Good luck


    I bought a device off ebay for a few pence which I transferred my numbers to. Then inserted my new sim and it copied the numbers over. if you search under sim back up system there are a few there. Also have a look at this website. You may find it useful.….do

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    Put the new sim in the old phone and copy the numbers on it. Simples.

    Only thing is, my old sim is Orange and my new sim is Vodafone, not sure if my phone is unlocked, gonna try this route.

    Thanks for the input everyone, rep on its way. :thumbsup:

    I just bluetooth them over as i had a similar problem with switching from 3 to O2
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