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Im currently with o2, paying £35 a month contract. Anyone got any good deals to get a best possible deal. Ideally need 200 minutes (at least) and 500 texts per month.
Don't mind an 18 month contrtact.

Naturally want as much as possible for as little as possible!

Thanks gyuys!


Samsung J700 Black - Vodafone
18 month contract length
250 minutesper month
100 textsper month
£25.00 line rental per month
£95 cashback via redemption
a free xbox 360
plus £60 cashback via quidco

lots of offers try there used it for the last few years always a good service

Samsung E250 - O2
12 month contract length
400 minutes per month
500 texts per month
£35.00 line rental
£145 cashback via redemption
free xbox 360
plus £60 via quidco

Have you tried a pay monthly sim card. it's available online on o2 and this deal is only £15 per month. Plus, you are only tied to the contract for a month. Not bad especially if you want to stay with o2.
-200 uk minutes
-400 uk texts
-unlimited o2 to o2 calls
-free voicemail
-browse the internet for up to £1 per day

Sorry, the £20 tarriff gives you 400 minutes and 1000 texts plus the same as the rest available on the £15 one. the only thing is you don't get a new phone.

i would go on dial a phone's website and just have a look around, there are hundreds of combinations of deals/cashback/free gifts and you can really tailor it to your personal pref. just dont forget to go through quidco for the 60 quid and if you know a friend who went through dial a phone then put their mob no in the box when it asks you how you heard about the deal and they will get 20 quid, which you can then go halves on and is a further 10 pound saving. another point to add is they are much more trustworthy than 'backstreet' mobile companies and i very much doubt you will have any problems reclaiming any mobile cashback as they are really good imo, and im sure others would agree. i think by being known for being trustworthy it encourages more people to use them, hope all that helps anyone.

Phone up O2, ask to cancel. Wait a day or so and Retentions will get in touch, (if it even takes that long)

Haggle, you should get a minimal contract free for a year, (mine was £100 credit against a £6pcm contract with 25 x-net & 25 texts meaning unless I overspent, they'd owe me £28). Or if you want a new phone too, you can start paying for it.

If you dont want a new phone, I reckon you'd get a similar deal to what you're getting @ £35 for around a tenner a month!

If they don't sort you out, you've still got all these other sites to try!


try ]here

i recommend TMobile Flex 35 at the moment its £25 per month and you get £180 worth of credit to spend texts or calls or both however suits better than been restricted to certain minutes and texts. I've never exceeded my bill in 20 months!!

[url]www.tmobile.co.uk[/url] and you get fre delivery at the moment.

i have an 02 sim only 15 a month 2oo mins 4oo texts a month its a nightmare im canceling mine this month afta my 2nd bill of over 30.00,basically i went 19 text messages over my 400 allowance and 3 minutes of calls over my 2oo allowance and gota whopping 16 pound bill on top of my 15.00 amonth bill,be warned for every text message or minute u use outside of ur allowance they will hammer u in extra costs extra vat etc
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