Phone Contract

    Hi I am after a £15 a month contract, just looking for any good deals out there.

    Dont want to spend more than £15 .



    Depends of what you think of them but you can get a 3 contract for £15.You get 75 anytime minutes,unlimited 3 to 3 calls,unlimited texts and unlimted internet.Ithink its an 18 months contract.My mate at work just took one out and got a free nokia e63

    do you text more do you call more?
    you just looking for a sim or a sim and a phone more detail..

    check out e2save

    i think you can get a sim only contract with 02 for less than £15 a month

    Orange do pay monthly contracts from £4.89 a month 50 texts & 50 mins, 3 year contract, including phone & a replacement after 18 months ??

    £9.79 a month 100 mins, 300 texts

    £14.68 a month 200 mins, 1000texts - all 3 year contracts. Or...

    24 month contract at £14.68 a month, 100 mins unlimited texts & a choice of phones....

    See their website



    Try this site finds the cheapest uk Contracts MOD EDIT - link removed
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